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whole House Customization


1. Whole House Customization intelligent cloud design platform

Through strategic cooperation with Kool Kull, the front and back ends can be connected. Through Kool Kull online design of the whole house scheme, the design scheme can be placed to the production software with one click. Both front-end design and back-end production, ATTIGNY has realized the integration of industry 4.0 design and production.

2. Healthy Bean Glue Plywood   Natural Formaldehyde-free Grade,

Soybean meal was purified, the molecular structure of soybean was changed to make it better adhesive and waterproof, and soybean powder without aldehyde solution ratio was mixed to form soybean gum

3. Germany Homag Production Line

We introduce the production line and central vacuum system of HOMAG imported from Germany, adopt the full set of German production technology and management system, and establish the whole house 4.0 production and processing center.

ATTIGNY whole house customization is born for the urban middle class. With "Minimalism, Light Luxury and Fashion" as the product research and development line, ATTIGNY pursues the life style of simplicity without degradation of quality. Through the independent research and development of all categories,We reach the micro-integrated system of door, cabinet and wall

ATTIGNY production base is located in Shandong Province, relying on the group's raw materials research and development production, cabinet body main material are natural environmentally friendly , By use of independent research and development production of bean gum wood multilayer board, combined with the direction of cutting-edge product design, Will provide more customers with green and healthy life

, the company introduced the whole series of Germany HOMAG automatic production line, using professional design software vat production end, To achieve customized flexible production, colleagues and a number of high-end hardware brands to reach a strategic alliance, only to produce higher quality household products

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